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Voting is Like Driving at Night With No Headlights

According to today's headlines, candidates are ready to rush into the Golden State, my state, and start the insanity that has been going on elsewhere.

We will hear the same things and learn about how each is worse than the other. And then we will vote. At some point, we will be whittled down to two main candidates, and we will vote for either of them. New president.

For a while, I was so excited to have a female and an African-American democratic candidate. Was I in a science fiction novel? Had this actually happened in the United States? And who do I choose? How can I pick? I still have a huge crush on Bill, so do I vote for Hillary because of that? Or for a Barak because he's made it this far in a society that would hold him back?

But then, both of them began to sound the same as the other candidates, and I realized that the individual gets lost. Even the words they say to us--impassioned, heartfelt, earnest--are not their own. Barak has a 28 year old speech writer. I've watched the West Wing. I know how these things work. What do either of them really stand for? Who can get us out of this war? Can either of them truly win the election? If John McCain is the candidate and not Mitt, do either stand a chance?

So already, I have vote fatigue. I have vote ennui. I have vote fear. I have vote upset. I have the lets get it over with thing. I fear it will be business as usual, but with a better president. That much I"m certain of. But how much better and why better, I'm not sure.

My son the anarchist has things to say about our political parties, and one of them is that they are both equally bad, equally corrupt, equally ineffective, equally against change (the big word these days). Sometimes, I think he's right. But I have hope. I will vote, somehow figuring it out when I walk up to the voting "thing" (I'm not sure what I will vote with this year). I will make a choice and hope it counts.