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Two Dead Roombas

I love to vacuum.  I know, it's kind of sick, but it is so satisfying.  I truly get a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  There are very few places in this world where you can see immediate results for your work, and vacuuming is one of them (cleaning the kitchen counter is also lovely).

But to push that machine on a rug, to watch the dirt disappear, to find all those nice lines showing order in the universe!  Divine.

You might imagine, then, that I would be jealous of a Roomba, one of those little vacuum robots that does all your dirty work by themselves.  You'd think I'd covet all the dirt caught in its little cache.  But no!  I loved my Roomba.  I would turn it on in the morning and let it spin itself through the house.  Sometimes, yes, I would have to go and rescue it.  Ithad a love affair going on with my barstools and my other vacuum cleaner, a clear penchant for humping both.

But other than that, my Roomba and I coexisted wonderfully.  I would clean his brushes, let him charge, and then send him out daily, letting him clean while I wrote or took a shower.  Splendid until he died. Or really, gave up cleaning.  He spun, but was on strike, refusing to pull anything into his little cache.

My boyfriend bought the Roomba refurbished, which I think means used and cleaned up and packaged again.  So the Roomba had a history.  Maybe a tragic one, a story so sad, a story we can never know.

We wait on the details as to how to send it back, but as I write, I look to my right on the floor, and there he is next to his docking station, all charged up and no way to vacuum.  A technological tragedy.

And then worse--my mother's Roomba went on strike, too, refusing to charge itself. I was so thrilled with my Roomba, I bought her one for Christmas, and she loved hers as well.  She has cats, so you can only imagine the cat hair in her cache.

Hers is new and she is reading the warranty--I think there will be a happy story at the end of her Roomba.  Or perhaps, it will be fixed and clened and sold refurished.

Meanwhile, we both go back to our love of vacuuming, but with heavy hearts, and little Roombas on our minds.


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Roomba customer service is great, and a brand new roomba is on the way!!

I can't wait.


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Ah, what's even more satisfying is steam vacuuming dirty carpets.  I spent 24 hours pushing my Bissell over acres of carpet which are several shades lighter and my biceps are as gorgeous as Popeye's. Now I don't want anyone to step on my carpet with their outdoor shoes.  How retentive is that?!  Wish I were still in Japan when everyone knew that shoes need to be removed.

I'd like to get a Roomba.  This is the first time I've heard of one so thanks for the tip. 

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Roomba Love!

Steam cleaning!!  That sounds satisfying.  I think it would also do wonders in terms of a workout. 

I love my Roomba.  I haven't named it, but I know it's a male creature.  When his replacement comes, I will be much more careful, making sure it doesn't get caught up in rug tassels.

Let me know if you get one--we can share Roomba joy.