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The Plan

So before Christmas, I cleared the decks.  I graded my finals and I revised and posted all the information on my three online classes for the spring semester at Diablo Valley College and the winter quarter at UCLA.  I prepared for my three "land" classes, read manuscripts students sent me, wrote the letters of recommendation that I was asked for, and prepared a lecture/presentation for an event.  Then I had Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's, I reread my entire novel, and now I'm going to rewrite it.

Yes, it's that fun time again, and I've done it several times in my writing career.  My first novel was such a rewrite, wherein my prospective agent said, "You don't like tension, do you?"

It was my second novel, wherein my then editor said, "You are 49% percent there."

It was my fourth romance, where my current editor said, "You need to blow up the first 80 pages."

I don't weave, but I imagine rewriting a novel is like ripping out threads.  Some part of the design just doesn't work for the reader who wants it--who bought it or needs to sell it.  I have to be honest here--I like the novels I've written before I've been asked to rewrite them, and that just goes to show you I either don't always know the market (in terms of my own work) or sometimes, we can't see our own work very well.  In 350 pages, we've fallen in love with our stories, our characters, and dammit, they are all just fine, thank you very much.

I've learned to let go of that feeling, that stubborn, stick-my-heels-in-the-mud feeling of, "It's beautiful!"  So it's back to the loom time, and with this novel, it's a rewrite to add more tension and more sex.  Yes, when you see me sitting at my club in the back of the great hall, typing away, you will find me a little tense and writing about sex.  Don't sneak up on me, I might already be blushing.

I decided to not rewrite at home because I have a touch of the old HDHD.  When I work, I jump up periodically from my computer, run around the house vacuuming, washing the dishes, plucking my eyebrows, and then I come back and write some more.  That's all well and good, I suppose, but I have January 5-9 to work my revision mojo.  Then school starts up again.  The good news here is that my agent wanted it before Christmas, during finals, and I managed to arrange this week in the gym great room with my lap top, no vacuum cleaner, and only a workout to interrupt my day.

My plan is to send updates starting Monday about the writing experience, short blogs from the loom to let you know how it's going (the damn gym is wired, so I will have to fight that distraction).

Today and tomorrow, I'm going over the notes I made on the manuscript.  Then I go in.  I will keep you posted.


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Sanity an Option

I once wrote a film script from morning to night for a week to meet a deadline. My distractions were walking a dog and food.

I'll be interested in your progress.

I did meet the deadline.

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Jessica & Dale...I admire your discipline and focus.  Looking forward to hearing about your progress, Jessica. 

As a relatively new writer, I have struggled to write daily (not ALL day - just an hour or two).  I was finally was hitting that goal from early November until Dec. 26th then it all fell apart.  Just picking up the pieces today and getting back on board. Of course, I fail to give myself credit for the book proposal I wrote during my off week or for getting an amazing stills photographer to sign onto the project with me after she read the proposal - noooo - that doesn't count. 

Part of me would love to keep moaning about missed daily pages on my memoir but I notice that Dale only made time for walking his dog and food and it seems Jessica is only including a workout and a bit of online distraction - apparently, no time for moaning when writing full out.

Seriously, you've both given me the little push I needed to get back to my memoir pages and inspired me to raise the bar re: spending more time writing while I await my next production gig.

So glad I dropped in to visit your blog, Jessica. Good way to start my writing day.

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That is encouraging news! 

That is encouraging news!  Thanks, Dale.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Crimson hue

So if you're spotted with a high colour, it won't be the workout!

Good luck!