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After being tagged again, I moved on from 11 and headed all the way to 25.  Now, I can post this on Facebook, tag everyone back, and go on with my life.  I'm posting this because it sucked me dry of all inspiration, like one of those evil aliens on the original Star Trek, sucking the salt out of folks with their sucker fingers.

Here it is:

The List of 25 Things About Me 

 1.  I had huge babies.  My youngest was 10 pounds, 12 ounces at birth, and was 24 inches long.  He was the biggest baby born that day.  He looked like he was two months old.  He slept through the night at 4 weeks.

2.  I started swimming competitively when I was 4 and swam on teams until I was 18.  I hate swimming now.  I feel trapped and bored and insane under there, but injuries have periodically forced me back into the water for exercise.  Time goes so...slowly.

3.  I love my MINI Cooper.  It's an object that makes me happy.

4.  I have 11 published novels.  I have no favorites in terms of story, but I have a favorite in terms of the writing—When You Go Away came out faster than those big babies, the story one fluid whisk of words, done in three months.

5.  I met my boyfriend on Match.com.  No one likes to talk about Match much, but it can work.  He was date number 25 or so.  I had a couple of “tell-them-I’ve-met-the-right-guy” dates in the week after I met him, but 25 was the winner.

6.  I haven't moved far from my place of birth, San Francisco.  I keep staying here, so I guess this is where I'm supposed to be.

7.  I've been teaching for 21 years.

8.  I've had over 5100 students.

9.  My favorite writer is Jane Austen.

10.  My youngest sister died when she was 26.  I still miss her every day.

11.  I once lived with a man who twitched.  He was really cute.  The twitch had nothing to do with me.

12.  I have done no amazing feat of physical prowess.  Every hike or ride or swim or run or walk something many could do.  The average things I’ve done include hiking to the top of Mt. Lassen, running in a 5K, swimming a 500 freestyle, walking for 12 miles.

13. I started reading early, and my mother realized I was reading her novels when I was about 10.  Some of them confused me greatly, especially the one where the two main characters went into a tent on the beach and he did something with her “cherry.”  I kept imagining an ice cream sundae.

14.  In 4th grade, they put me in an “underachieving overachiever” class.  A nice euphemism

15. In 3rd grade, I was tested at a 12th grade reading level and a 2nd grade math level.  Underachieving overachievers, here I come.

16. I started smoking when I was 17 and stopped two months before I got pregnant at 22.  Nine months of pregnancy plus years of breast feeding killed that habit, though I don’t recommend it as a stop-smoking program.  I used to miss it, thinking that I would start smoking again it I made it to 75, but I don’t miss it any more.  And tough luck for me if I did, as I would still have 28 more years to wait. (God, I’m only 28 years away from 75)

17. I write every day, sometimes badly.  Like now.

18. My sister is a pathologist.  She brought home a book of dead people when she was in college that gave me nightmares for years.  But I couldn’t stop reading it.

19. My oldest son is an anarchist.

21. My youngest son is a history major.

22. My ex-husband is a PE teacher.

23. I once sat next to Robin Williams while at a John Irving reading.  I was unclear about who to look at during the reading, so managed to do both, focusing on neither well.

24. I love the rain, the sun, snow, and light wind.

25. My 30th high school reunion is this summer.  We are all 28 years from being 75.

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What an amazing journey!

Very, very Impressive , Jessica! "You truly shine," God Bless You! My favorites that I can relate to easily are :

Having a 10 lb baby.

10 years old reading your mothers novels ( and the cherry sundae! )

3rd grade with a 12th grade reading level, "overachiever".

Swimming, swimming!

Acquainted with death, much too soon. "But forever in our hearts."

I am honored to have so many likeness !

Thank you, Jessica!



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I've been tagged

but too ornery to write. As a writer who has to frequently talk about her own life, I already feel like an exhibitionist. Like someone dancing half-naked on a pole. Ornery.

I've come to admire your Anarchist son, more by the day. He was very brave and selfless to protest in the streets.  As I read about the Republican's obstructionist antics, the more I think Americans need to start street protests as the French and British have done. Throw rocks at the banks. That's a good start.


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Thank you both. What a

Thank you both. What a silly thing for me to do, though I do love details about people's lives. I am amazingly interested in the minutae of people's expereinces, and I do think this curiosity is what drives this list thing along.

Catherine, you do find the positive, as do you, Belle! I never thought as my anarchist's rock throwing as a psotive until now!



Jessica Barksdale Inclan