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I'm a big proponent of classes.  I take them and teach them.  I started my first novel in a class, and my short story "Marco on the Beach" was written for a class I took through UCLA Extension. "Marco" was recently published online on The Drum Literary Magazine.  What is very cool about this publication is that it is all audio, the subheading a  "literary magazine for your ears."

Without the guidance of my teacher and fellow students, probably, no story.

This coming semester at Diablo Valley College, I'll be teaching Creative Writing and Poetry.  There are a few spaces in both online classes, which start January 23rd.

My online Novel Writing class for UCLA Extension starts January 25th, and it's a great place to move your story forward, which is always a good goal.

Sometimes we need to enter a community, pay the token, and sit in the circle in order to get done what we need getting done.  I hope to sit with you soon.