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Meeting in the Real World
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I started blogging on Redroom in January. At first, no one paid me much mind, and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing as a blogger. I was unclear on the blogging concept, so I just wrote about whatever came to mind during the first 45 minutes of my day.

One day, a woman named Belle Yang responded to me, and from that point on, I enjoyed her observations, voice, comments--and I started to read her blog as well. Through those interactions and despite other bloggers who assumed we had a long standing inclusive friendship, we actually developed a friendship. And a friendship that was real despite it being virtual. We helped each other with marketing and writing issues. We gave each other dress and beauty tips and thoughts. We commiserated on facing 30 year high school reunions. We connected, as people can do, but we never met.

Finally, yesterday, we did actually meet in the real world, if Carmel can be called real. What a beautiful place. The beach--despite the fog--was gorgeous, smelling of sand and salt and errant kelp. The seagulls didn't attack us until we all left for a walk and then enjoyed the leftovers of the magnificent feast Belle prepared for us.

For more information (than you likely want), I've posted an image gallery of the afternoon.

And while we were excited and nervous, we were able to pull on the actual and true shared experiences we have had that happened through email and on redroom. So it was more real and based on real, and it was fun.


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Oh, WOW!

I am officially jealous! But I'm grateful that you've shared pictures so I can live vicariously.  How wonderful! What fun! I would love to have been there, finally meeting each of you....


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Look at you two!!!

How lovely! You two are glowing with the fun of it! (Next time... me too! Me too!)

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When we all do meet

we will see how much we do already know about each other!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Flog the blog!

I'm just beginning to realise that good blogging is not like Shakespeare's soliloquies after all!

Thanks, Jessica.

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You're taking me back...

to such a beautiful memory I have of meeting my dear friend and co-author of Femail for the very first time. It was such a strange experience for me-- especially the first 5 minutes. Having only seen Linda through her headshot at her website,  I had never seen her move before. It made me feel like I was meeting a stranger-- not the woman I had bared my soul to via email and co-authored a book with. This only lasted a few minutes, however, and we enjoyed each other every bit as much in the "real" world.

We did a 5-minute interview on Good Morning San Diego about the experience, if you're at all curious. You can click here and scroll down to the video: http://www.caffeinatedponderings.com/media.html

My heart is warmed by watching you and Belle with your arms around each other. What a beautiful thing! Thanks so much for sharing the images of your visit with us.

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I had had the pleasure and

I had had the pleasure and opportunity to watch Belle before meeting her--on the Redroom footage of the panel discussion and on her video that she made.  So I had the advantage, I think.  Her energy was new, al of it there and wonderful, and yet, she was able to convey that even while being taped.

Thanks for sending me this link, and I will go in so I can "see" you, too. 


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com