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Killing the Blender

Yesterday, I committed murder to a machine.  I haven't done that in quite awhile, the killing of a machine, in this case a blender. 

And it was archetypal, really, the sound changing from a roar to a high pitched whine, and actual smoke coming out of the base in a whirl of final exuberance before it just stopped, partially mixed pina colada in the pitcher. 

My computer has been acting up, but here it is with me in Florida.  My cars have had issues, but never that final seizure, that sound and whinging death rattle that means no one is going anywhere ever again.  But even the down time of machines causes consternation and despair, and what has me worried was the report I heard about the 175,000 machine that bookstores will soon be buying.  Yes, we know that bookstores have that kind of dough hanging around, but in this case, they will need to have it.

This machine will allow us, the consumer, to pick out a book, and the machine will then print it out for us on demand.  On site.  You want the latest Stephen King novel?  Push the button, and there you have it in your hand, literally hot off the press.

We have all noticed that things will have to change.  I'm not sure than anything with paper will last in the long run, but this seems like a temporary solution to some of the publication world's ills.  Publishing is not working this current way, and this machine seems to hold promise. 

Just don't let me anywhere near it.  I'm a machine murderer, after all.


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It's your electro-magnetic personality, J.

They just can't cope with the Grid as well! That bookstore machine is going to cut out the whole stock and distribution bugbear of publishing.

Hope you're having a great time in Florida.



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that machine . . .

. . . sounds like one more thing to break down just when I need it. As a bibliophile, I'll take my books from a production process that's got some viable quality control measures in place.

Florida Blender ( ? - 2009), R.I.P.

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Florida is great. Warm and

Florida is great. Warm and lovely. And my friend Kris comes with her blender (she drives to Atlanta and picks me up and we head down). We went to Target in Destin and bought another, so there will be pina coladas soon.

Yes, the book thing is distressing and interesting. I am sure there will be opportunites for people to fry them until it is perfected!

Jessica Barksdale Inclan