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I spent a lot of this year in anticipation of one large thing (my wedding) and despairing of another (my novel-in-progress/writing career).  I had sort of a up and down, teeter totter back and forth with things that it was hard to know how to feel.

But then the wedding came, was fabulous, and then went.  I jumped through hurdles I'd never imaged with my writing, and that, now seems okay.  In fact, I'm not going anywhere but even, which feels right now pretty damn amazing.

So I thought to stop between the sweeping of the dining room floor, the laying on of logs in the fireplace, and the listening to the god awful jazz my older son is playing in the kitchen as he cooks to say thank you to Redroom and the Redroom writers and readers.  This place has been where I've been to put it all down and explore this year.  I'm sure you could have done with a little less bitch and moan and more substance, but I've been grateful to come here and share.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and New Year.  And thank you.


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Same wishes back at you.

Same wishes back at you. And thanks for all the quality blogs you supplied to my mornings

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Thank you, Bob, for your

Thank you, Bob, for your comments and for just plain reading!

Happy New Year.



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