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In My Cupped Palms
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Despite all the reading, the study of great tomes of profound wisdom, the mediation practice, the constant search and quest for enlightenment, I fail at being a grounded human being, letting time rush past me like so many fireflies.

No, instead of taking each minute, cupping it in my hands to look at the perfect little flame in each, I swat them away, hearing them splat on the wall.  I have flunked Zen 101.

However, right now, in the master bedroom of my new house, I am thankful for these immediate and very now things:


Coffee cup

The floor beneath me, the ceiling above

The working dryer

My gym clothes

My computer

My internet service

The air outside

My cell phone

My body

The blinds

The sun

The table

My shoes


This minute hasn't passed by.  I took note.  I watched.  I held the fragile thing and then opened my cupped palms and let it go.

Maybe today, I can do that  few more times.