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If Not Now, When?
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Yesterday, I did a tarot card reading for one of my characters.  I'm not sure what made me do it.  I haven't used my tarot deck in years, though I think of the arcanas often, mostly because I was once given a reading and told I was a double hermit.

The Hermit isn't a bad sign despite the negative hermit implications.  This isn't about the moldering old man, rotting away by himself over a thin bowl of gruel.  The hermit card suggests that we need to withdraw and consider our options and be unafraid of making changes to our outlooks.  The hermit wants us to keep an open mind and be receptive.  He warns against stubbornness and suggests we take guidance from others.

This message from my double card reminds me also of my favorite saying of the past few years:  "If not now, when?"

It's so true this saying, this moving forward now instead of sitting still forever and ever and not trying things.  About playing the same tune on the same record player over and over again.  I know why we don't move:  we are scared.  The Hermit asks us to consider our rut, our lack of stimulation.  He doesn't want us to be a fixed mark, unchangeable, implacable, rote.

I could never get a job in a traveling circus reading the tarot.  I do not have the skills, and I have to refer back to the book constantly.  I don't even think I believe in telling the future through a deck of cards or through anything.  I see the future as ever changing, unfixed, a constant birthing of something new, new, new.

But what I liked about my reading and the reading I did for my character is the way the cards remind me of life.  All the elements of life are represented by the cards, and sometimes, it's so easy to forget one or all.  We forget about the mysteries and the magic of what we are living, and do exactly what The Hermit tells us to avoid.  We become stuck.

So we need to shuffle the deck, cut it three times, and ask ourselves, "If not now, when?"


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How cool!

Jessica . ..what a great thing to do for your character!

Thanks for reminding us that it is NOW.

Julie Hooker

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It was a really fun thing to

It was a really fun thing to do.  Often, I don't enjoy all the research that I do for my stories, but this was great.

Thanks for commenting.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Amazing Blog - Was Stuck but now I see!

Hi Jessica,

I've loved the beautiful nature,deck,and photo shoot chronicle, the anticipated wedding and talk of "your guy," the analysis of "a little dysfunction" that led to reconciliation, the rainy day bowling event with you sharing the Motherly "tricks of the trade" and now the "piece de resistance" or Piece of Cake for me is the getting unstuck mode of, "if not now, when?"

 With your talent you gave your Red Room reader members a reading at no cost. I know it will probably sound like I am "schmoozing", but I am sincere >>> you helped me look at " the right timing of now." Since you are much younger, you might not be familiar, but one of my favorite "start the day out right" CDS is the Moody Blues, I Know You're Out There Somewhere. You and several other Red Room members did it for me. I'm attempting to break out of my holding pattern and consistenly attempt publication! I shall return!

Thank you, Jessica!

Mary Walsh

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Hi, Mary-- Wow, thanks. 

Hi, Mary--

Wow, thanks.  You comments always amaze me because of the way you read things--deeply.  Sometimes I am truly unclear what I'm writing, finding my way as I go, and it is reassuring to read that I am managing to make sense.

I'm thankful that my words have hit the right notes for you.  And yes, I do know that Moody Blues song!  Thanks for reminding me (it's playing now in my head).



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com