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If An Old Guy Hands You An Essay.....

So the story is thus:

For a couple of years, my son lived in a group home, an place where his anti-war group lived and worked.  They protested at the Port of Tacoma and Fort Lewis and kept up community activities, trying to inform folks about the war.

One day, an older fellow appeared, John, and he was very interested in all things anti.  Anti-war, anti-military, anti-establishment.  He wore all the appropriate garb (black everything) and wrote essays that seemed to indicate that 9/11 was a good thing and should happen again.  He handed one of these essays to my son who is also a writer, and my son just sort of looked at him and said, "Uh, John.  Wow.  Um, dude."

"What do you think?" John asked.

MY son just shook his head, but John seemed to want more from him.  A plan maybe?  A plan to blow up something?  My son wasn't sure.

John was ready for action.  He wanted to "do" things.  He wanted things to happen.  Apparently, also, John wound himself into the group, forming interpersonal relations of a sort.  And then it turns out that John was a civilian employee at Fort Lewis, sent to the house to spy and then report back to government officials.

I tend to believe that these things don't happen, and yet, of course, they do.  My son tells me that this has happened before.  He knows of one instance of a female spy who infiltrated a group, got into a sexual relationship with one young man, and then told him she thought they should blow up a dam.

The young man--almost still a boy--agreed, led to the dam not by ideals but by his, well, you know.  He's in jail now, though no dam was ever blown up.

John never got the people at the house to blow up a dam or do anything damning.  John was found out, too, and now the media and the government are looking into it, though, of course, why the government has to look into something they started seems ridiculous.

I thought about this story while driving up to Sea Tac on Highway 5.  At some point, I looked to the right and noticed a Homeland Security Police Force SUV pass me, its windows dark.

The world is a creepy place.