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Hitting the Homerun
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I have a friend who will remain nameless in this piece who just hit the enormous, huge, lifetime home run.  She done hit it out of the park, ladies and gentlemen, and this home run involves thousands and thousands of dollars.  Maybe even in the million category.  This home run will have legs, long long legs, and may take her all the way through her children's college graduations.

I had thought the world was too penny pinched for home runs, but when the world wants a home run, it buys it.

I blink a lot when I think about her home run, and before I even knew the amount, I had a fit of jealousy.  My fit ended before she called me to talk about her home run, and while I'm not jealous any more, I still contemplate the miracle of it all.

But it was no miracle.  This was about a smart woman, who worked hard on her work and with her family.  She toiled in the muck with me writing very midlist titles, maybe even lowlist titles.  She learned to advertise.  She studied the market.  She made a lot of baby food.  She had marital issues, she had family issues, she wrote.  She called me and we bitched like two witches.

She studied the market.

And then she hit the huge, all time, ginormous home run.  I think about us meeting so long ago, both of us struggling to tell stories for a living, which we have been, but which she is officially doing now, for a damn, good, long time.

No jealousy.  Just happiness and amazement and a big ass smile.


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Married, is she?

Married, is she?

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Still Looking to Hit a Single

I love news like this. It inspires me to work a little harder, dig a little deeper, learn a little more. Thanks for sharing this news, and a big hug to your friend with a hearty "Congratulations!"

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Hi Dale and Nadine-- It is a

Hi Dale and Nadine--

It is a gret story, isn't it? I still can't believe it. And if something should ever go a tilter with her marriage, Dale, I will be sure to pass your email to her!



Jessica Barksdale Inclan

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