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Happy Hour
Yeah. Third. In a trilogy.

You know, I was trying to be all Zen about answering emails and everything, but inside, mind you, I'm still roiling with complaints about the universe.

My good walking partner had a card on her dashboard yesterday, and when she opened her car door and I demanded Advil from her, I saw it.  There it was:  "Love and Gratitude."

My ass, I thought.

Okay, I felt better after three pills and a long walk and a huge catharsis on my part that lasted half the walk (we split bitch sessions), but things were just chaffing my hide.

The first pissed-off-ness was about reviews.  Yes, I know we authors are supposed to take them in stride and just let all the words run off us like water on a duck's back (need I say "my ass" again?).  Mostly, though, I am able to breathe in and out and move on because after 12 novels, I've had my share of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But because I do giveaways on certain reader sites, I open up the door for reviews that I wouldn't get otherwise.  A recent review was by a seemingly gentle reader, who accidentally entered the giveaway contest, not realizing that The Beautiful Being is a romance.  She hates romance.  Worse yet, she hadn't read the first two novels in the trilogy because, yes, she hates romance and would never have bothered to do so.  But she said she would post a review on the boards on the giveaway site and elsewhere because that's what the givewawy is about and she held up her end of the bargain.

The review was full of the "I don't like this genre" and went on to show that she had no idea why my characters were doing what they did or why they were the way they were, all of which were a result of action that had been going on for two novels prior.  She was also very irritated about certain mythological permutations and certain motifs. Two stars out of five.

Worse yet, she indicated that she was going to read the second book I sent her as a gift.  I had this wacky notion that a person who entered into a romance book giveaway wouldn't mind another one.  More egregious is that I sent her the third book in the first trilogy.

Can't wait for that review.

Listen, I've gotten two stars from people who like romance and who have read trilogies before, mine even.  But I want two stars from them.  It's a real thing.  The uninformed two stars makes me take Advil.

On a completely different un-Zen note, what is with people who brake while driving?  I'm not talking about braking while going down a hill or braking while driving through crowded city streets and looking for a parking space.

I'm talking about those boneheads driving on the freeway, one foot on the accelerator, one foot on the brake.  It's like Christmas driving behind them, only there are no presents.  Lights!  Lights!  Lights!  Or worse, it's the terrible fear that we are driving 75 miles an hour and there is something brake worthy ahead.  An accident.  A CHP.  A animal, child, human of some kind running across.

But no.  It's just this crazy person trying to burn through brake pads and causing mayhem.  The person in question yesterday was an elderly lady in a Camry surging, braking, surging up to Highway 13, but in an off and on and off sort of way.  I almost pulled over to let her get two miles ahead before I started back on my way.  I was behind her, and people were behind me, and there was quite the commotion of horns and upset in the trail of cars she had behind her.

Finally, we all managed to get around her, and in my rear view mirror, I saw her lurch and push and lurch and push continue.

Have you ever wished you had signs in your car that you could lift up as you pass an idiot of this nature?

"Go home now while you are still alive."

Or "I hate you with an intensity I've never known before"


Anyway, I feel so much better now!  Aren't you glad you clicked in today for happy hour?  I'll try to do the Zen thing now and let it all go.  I'll take some Advil.  I'll go review a book and give it five stars.





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Recovering and Laughing!

Just when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder from 13 months of rudeness, environmental waste, and let's hope she recycles... along comes the Happy Hour. Keeping it real...there are "green eyed monsters" everywhere. I can't even imagine someone giving you a two star review even if they have no appreciation of a romantic genre. Most us would like to wake up tomorrow and be gifted with just a quarter of the talent you have, Jessica. To me (and this is no blarney)you are to the understanding of American culture as Amy Tan is to the Chinese culture. Your words flow easily and brilliantly as do Amy Tan's (she is one of my favorites). However, I must warn you if you ever come to the Phila.area, bring your signs as a preventive measure if our paths should cross on a highway. Long before I became a Grandmother, family, friends, and co-workers tease me about my driving distractions that cause me to brake...out of state license plates, a shiny Lexus, fall foilage etc. etc.So,be kind to your brake footed friends, a braker might be somebody's Mother or Grandmother.

Thanks for your humor and insight always.

Mary Walsh

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Okay, Mary--if it "is" you,

Okay, Mary--if it "is" you, then I will be nice.  I will be a gentle driver and not so angry!

Thank you for your words, and yet, of course, I know that people won't like my work.  I guess I just hope people don't like it publicly in an informed way.  It's as if I walked into an Arabic language class and said to the teacher, "I hate the way you teach!  I don't understand anything!"

If I walk into an English composition class and a teacher is making mistakes, well, then I would really know.

But thanks, again, for your readership and thoughtful words.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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And it's all sung ...

... to the tune of Jealousy. Those who can't, rant.

I used to sell my reversible fleece blankets at our local farmers' market, and every once in a while you'd get somebody who'd stand right there at your table and say disdainfully to her companion, "I could do that." My dirty look meant, "Well, go ahead and do it, then, but I'm not gonna show you how."

Oh, man. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but Nerf bats will never hurt you.


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So I need an online Nerf bat

So I need an online Nerf bat (let me know when you figure that one out!).

Thanks, Barb.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com