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Frog Fight

So this blog could go anywhere, but it started with frogs. Last night as my boyfriend and I were stuck in commuter traffic heading back through the Caldecott Tunnel and into Oakland, I heard something. I stopped our conversation, and said, "Is that noise frogs?"

Unrolling the window, we realized that the noise that had beat its way through closed car windows was a chorus of frogs. Hundreds, probably thousands of them on the side of Highway 24. The sound was amazing--guttural crickets on steroids croaking, slight whiny squeaky croaks. The recent rains must have pooled enough to allow for this wild renegade western town of frogs to pop up.

So we were both as quiet as we could be and despite the highway noise, listened. I turned back to my boyfriend and said, "Can you believe that? Isn't that amazing?"

And he said, 'Yeah, if you like frogs."

And thus, an evening worth of slightly heated and upset words followed.

That's all it took. Well, more followed, but it started with frogs.

How is it that anyone manages to ever live with another person? Much less sit in a car with someone else for a prolonged period of time? We are all so vulnerable and prickly, with feelings and issues and soft spots. We should be wearing pillows strapped around our bodies, helmets, and earplugs just to get through the day unscathed by human verbal sally.

Or maybe that's me. Maybe I haven't learned half the lessons I need to. I keep trying, of course, but when the man I love doesn't like frogs?

Are the frogs me? No. Do I really care that he doesn't like frogs? No. But I want him to be enthused about my enthusiasms. I want that support, even if its for a renegade frog colony. I expect this, we expect this, and I am sure it's unrealistic. He wants me to be a little less touchy. To let him get away with somethings now and again. To pay attention to his feelings.

So our discussion went from frogs, to work, to family, to sitting in our living room working on our relationship. Then we watched the rest of The Number 23, which I don't recommend. But it has a happily ever after ending, to a certain extent, and so does my frog story.

Tonight, take your frog loving friends--about 6.45 pm--and drive on highway 24 toward the tunnel. Stay in the far right lane and pray for traffic. Open your window and listen! (And you better like it, dammit!).


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You should ask him if he has anything against Kermit. He might've been cheering for Doc Hopper during The Muppet Movie.

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Jennifer, I have to tell you

Jennifer, I have to tell you this, it's for your own good.  Kermit is a puppet!

OH, okay, all right. He's a frog.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Woodland Idyll

I'm beginning to picture you as this Snow White character, trilling a tune as birds land on your finger and bunny rabbits bring you your tea. Prince Charming will come around to your way of seeing things, I feel sure.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Jessica, I adore amphibians


(From my picture book, "Hannah Is My Name."  I used to catch tadpoles in the rice paddies and watch them turn into little froglets.)

I so love frogs.  They are disappearing because our wetlands are going fast.  I used to be able to hear frogs croaking-bumping into the night below my house but they are all gone.  ALL!  When the amphibians go, we as a species will go.

I would have a lot of trouble with a man or woman who couldn't appreciate frog song.

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I am so with you on the

I am so with you on the frogs.  They are the bellweather.  And that was the lovely, ironic surprise to find them so happy by the freeway.

Lovely! drawing, Belle.  I need to get this book for my nieces and nephew.

Thank you for sending such a lovely vision to me.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Yes, this is getting kind of

Yes, this is getting kind of scary!  I will make sure to focus on very urban things in the coming week.  I've got to get over my singing bird, singing mouse fantasies!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Dump 'im

Dump that guy, Jessy, and elope with me ;)

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Whoo-hoo!  Who knew redroom

Whoo-hoo!  Who knew redroom would bring "this" kind of opportunity?  All we need are paints, brushes, computers, and the great outdoors.

Better watch out, I might be knocking.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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A puppet?

You're calling my Kermit a PUPPET? Don't you call my Kermit a puppet! :-)