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Don't Rock the Boat, Baby

Redroom had a glitch this morning during my normal blogging hours.  Now, I am just minutes from teaching my class, the one where we have transitioned from Othello to Cowboys are My Weakness.  Please, don't ask what the intended segue was.  I have no idea.  Maybe I could work the low self esteem angle, the way women give themselves over to men who are bad for them (clearly, Desdemona made a bad choice in a mate).  But we plug onward.

What Cowboys does have is a sense of irony.  The narrators and characters know that they are making bad choice after bad choice, but they can tell the story to us with a sense of humor.  And then we watch them go back for more, mostly.

I think that's what's happening now in this country, the urge to go back to the bad choice we made before because it is known.  I see this happening everywhere I am, especially at work.  We get scared of change, we get scared of difference, and we scurry under the hem of the known thing because at least we know how to act there.

Bad government?  Well, stay with it because at least we are alive right now.  Bad state administration?  Things are still running, sort of.  Don't rock the boat.  Try some new teaching ideas?  Why bother, everything is still going forward, in a way.

Why are we all so afraid?  Why do the characters in Cowboys not want to push through to the other side where there are problems but problems that will lead to something better? 

Who knows.  Maybe my students will tell me.



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Mary Lynn Archibald

Hi again, Jessica. I read the book a little while back. Saw the author speak at Mills College, and she's great. A bit different than what I expected, but I enjoyed it.

So what did your students have to say? Just curious.

Best, ML