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Coffee Time

On match.com, Michael mentioned coffee in his "ad."  It worked.  I like coffee and I liked him.  It was a win-win situation.  But it's more than liking coffee, it's needing coffee, and not just the stimulus of caffeine.  It's the warmth and the ritual and the promise.  It feels like:  Hey, it's morning.  anything could happen today and it just might.

And I love the taste, the thick feel of it on my tongue, the bitter sweetness of the beans.  The smell reminds me of all the long days of my childhood, the percolator burping up its soupy brew, my father drinking it by the mugful.  The smell makes me feel better, even if the coffee is bad because coffee is the very basic in sustenance, warmth and energy, all at once.

We have a plethora of coffee related appliances in our home:  coffee maker, grinder, espresso machine, coffee storage cannisters.  We have tampers and filters and brushes related to those machines.  We can brew and froth you to a tasty coffee drink.  We can all sit down at the counter and have a cup o' joe, a nice hot cuppa.  We can have a cup of coffee if you are cold or tired or need to relax--or need to wake up.

Last night, Mitchell called, wanted to come spend the night here before the court date.  He showed up after a long weekend in Santa Cruz doing anarchist activities and needed a cup of coffee.  I made a pot, and we all sat and talked about today, which apparently isn't going to be that important, the pre-trial meeting.

So my role in terms of support was to make the pot of coffee, give Mitchell a place to sleep, and drive him to BART in a few minutes so that he can make his 8.30 meeting with his lawyer and then go to the apparently 10 minute meeting in front of the judge.

My question is this:  What to do with the Valium?

I guess I can save it for the trial.

I think I'll have a cup of coffee before we go.


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Thinking about you.

I hope the pre-trail meeting goes well today. Yes, coffee and deep breathing today, valium for the trial...

I'm enjoying MY morning java right now!

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The Judge

Moved everything to the 11th.  Of course, getting everyone there and panicked for days.

Oh, Justice!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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about the rescheduling. I've been following the progress of the Olympic torch in England and Paris (today). I'm glad we have brave, young men and women who are willing to get arrested for what they believe is right. If I were 18 again, I think I might be running after the torch with a fire extinguisher, too.

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I think there is something

I think there is something the 9th in terms of the torch--I'm all for that, though I urge caution these days!  Be careful what you have in your purse at the time!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com