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I've never been a big fan of New Year's resolutions.  In earlier years, I was known for coming up with a list of 20.  Most of these past lists usually started with either:  "Lose weight" or "Exercise more."

There would be other items, usually involving cleaning out various terrible and messy places (like my desk), getting my writing in order (sending things out, finishing projects), and volunteering at any number of local charities.

By the end of January, 95% of all items on my list were being neglected.  By March, it was all over, the list be damned.  So I stopped making resolutions, hoping that by some natural process of evolution, I was improving.  But this year, I think I have one I can follow through on.

If social networking has taught me anything it is that whining is annoying, complaining is rampant, and bitching is nationwide.  Frankly, I'm just talking about myself here.  My whining, complaining, and bitching.  A few days ago, I was about to click on a program that would have allowed me to see all my Facebook status updates during the year and then I pulled my clicking finger back.

Why would I want to look at that?  This year has been fraught with fraughtness, and I don't need to see my eternal kvetching in chronological order?  Holy moly!  That's a recipe for disaster.

And then I considered some of my other cyber pals, and I realized that many of them are simply letting us all know--every day--what is wrong.  The sky, the world, the weather, their work, their children, their agents, publicists, editors, husbands, wives, partners.  Life was going to hell in a hand basket every day, and by gum, they (and often I) were going to tell us all about it.

So that day, I decided that for 2011, I would not complain on any social networking site.  There will be no more FB "I hate to grade papers" or any Twitter "Publishing companies suck."  I'm tired of feeling it and spreading my horrible news, and I'm tired of everyone letting everyone else know about what is wrong. 

I can't do anything about anyone else, but for 2011, I'm going to choose joy.

What a concept.

Of course, sometimes really bad things happen, and I know it's important to mention these things to people who care.  At least 11% of my FB friends are real friends, and because I have so few Twitter friends, most of them are.  So if I have major life issues, I may mention it.  But I'm not going to whine.  I'm not going to moan.  I'm going to state.  And then I'm going to choose joy.





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It's my middle name. No, honestly!

Inspiring post, thanks, J. It's the shortcut with so much mileage!

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A great name altogether! 

A great name altogether!  Joy is good even in the middle.

 Thanks for the comment, Rosy.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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If it's okay to get in one last whine ...

... we keep hoping for joy to choose us. Let's hope we know it when we see it!