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Bridal Shower

I was never an engaged woman; I was a pregnant woman, who needed to get married.  There are some differences there.  Let's put it this way--I had three baby showers and no bridal shower.  The priorities were clear.  So I set up my first married apartment with all sorts of baby things, and no skanky underwear gifts from the revelry of my formerly bachelorette life.

But now, my dear readers, I have me some skanky underwear.  The kind made of lace with an "I do" in rhinestones over the crotch.  The "I do" on underwear, as you can imagine, has some permutations.

I also received a book that lists 365 different sexual positions, one for each day of the year.  My favorite is "the Headache," which is two people standing naked next to each other.  That's it.  Headache, get it?

The problem for me is that some of the positions necessitate Michael and me asking friends over to play.  Or, worse or better yet, playing alone with others of the same sex.  I think we might just let those slide.  Maybe tonight we will bust through the calendar and try "The Dismount" or "the Cirque du Soleil."  Let your imaginations run wild.

This bridal shower was a sleep over, and we went to my friend's pied a terre in Palo alto (who knew you could have one there), wherein we drank several bottles of champagne and watched House Hunters on HGTV.  Listen, we're old.  But we did manage to have one political argument and some crying.  It was all good fun.

My next shower will be a bit more refined, held in a restaurant.  No one will likely be giving me a cock ring at that shower, but who knows!  You can never have too many cock rings.  Let the revelry continue.


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playground equipment

Fun to live life backwards, especially when you meet in virtual places. We think so anyway. Have fun at the next shower. Sometimes the most uptight women have the most surprising gifts (you can hope).

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Well, I never..well, maybe. In fact for most of us the rhinestones
on the crotch should have read "I did".

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Hi, christine and Sharon-- I

Hi, christine and Sharon--

I think I've had enough of the surprising gifts (like the "I Do" undies and such (we should really play with that verb and tense--what about I won't--or I Didn't--or I Shouldn't Have).

Or maybe, I'm Going To, A Lot!



Jessica Barksdale Inclan

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It's your time now.

We know some things we didn't know before; attitudes change, values are refined, and we even learn how to relax in a relationship. I'm very excited for you, Jessica.

I think as we mature, we learn we don't need books and toys. We can have them if we want them. But the relationship that is birthed out of the comfort of knowing each other well, enjoying the mutual afection, and celebrating differences, and above all honoring the person, becomes the gift that you unwrap... day by day. Some days you might like to tie one of those ribbons around his neck...some days you might like to pretend one of those ribbons is a "ring".

Nick is my third husband. And so you really understand, I am wife number 5. We will celebrate 29 years this November.

Indeed - let the revelry begin. You will revel in each other.


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To think I almost missed reading this one! Thanks so much for sharing (the idea of) your shower gifts with us! : )


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Let us hope, Evie, that

Let us hope, Evie, that there are not more to deal with (at least the kind that need to come home in a paper bag).



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