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So I'm sure that some of you hear a wise voice in your head--your grandmother or mother or sage uncle. Maybe it's a famous author, a revered college mentor, a well-loved (though potentially oxymoronic) politician.  A peace-maker.  A saint.

 I hear Morgan Freeman.  And not just Morgan Freeman as himself, but as the character Azeem from the film Robin Hood (the one with Kevin Costner).  Robin of Locksley is bitching and moaning about something, and Azeem looks at him and says, "You whine like a mule.  You are still alive."

And you know, that's the advice I need just about every day.  I am whining like a friggin' mule.  And yet, I'm still alive.  So what is really all that bad?  Not much.

In the film, Robin gets up, goes on, and by the end of the film, all is well.  The good guys are still alive.  The bad guys--well, they didn't deserve Azeem's advice in the first place.

But here we are, still alive.  What is the point complaining about it, especially if we sound like a mule.  Get up, move on, deal with the things in front of us. 

I'm off to do some of that work right now.


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See, J, this is why

we all love you. You always manage to pioneer a way through the thick of it and come up smiling:)

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Thank you, Rosy :)  All you

Thank you, Rosy :)  All you need is Morgan Freeman.  Trust me on this one.  You can't help but get up and do what you need to.



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