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Addicted to Coffee

A few years back, I was involved with the hiring process at my college.  We had actually been given the green light for three positions, and we had hundreds of applications to read.   The application packages could not leave campus, so I would drive in early to school and read for a couple of hours each day, going through each file with a rubric we'd designed.  It was interesting reading, but ultimately arduous as the stack seemed to never diminish.

That week, I could barely rouse myself awake, though I had to.  There were kids to get to school, and then I had to sit in the designated room to read through a pile of paper.  I was drowsy and almost inert, my morning coffee having no effect on me whatsoever.  In the afternoon, a band of headache seemed to encircle my head, and I barely made it home before needing a nap. 

After day four of this, I was ready to go to the hospital.  Tylenol wasn't working.  Aspirin wasn't working.  Finally, I popped two Excedrin, and voilà! a cure.

My slowed brain started to grind its tiny gears, and I looked at the bag of coffee in the freezer.  Decaffeinated.  Yes, my incipient brain tumor was simply a lack of caffeine.  By the next morning, I was cured, and my reading chore was over in a trice.

I am a caffeine addict.  Yes, nice to meet you, too.  I have to have one cup of coffee a day, or else I end up with the band yanking my cranium.  And don't talk to me about weaning myself off coffee.  I have tried this, pouring a half inch less each morning.  Cranium ache, folks.  Lasts for weeks. 

So I talked to my doctor who informed me that one cup of coffee (baring ulcers and major stomach upsets and the like) is okay.  In fact, studies show, might be good for me.  So I decided to drink my one cup and go with it.

But the days I can't drink coffee are bad.  Yesterday, I couldn't drink coffee due to a stomach upset, and all day, the band yanked my head.  At some point, I wondered what was worse--the illness of the withdrawal.

The good news is I am sitting here writing to you, my cup of coffee on the desk, steaming away in all it's dark brown goodness.  I like the taste, the bitterness, the tingle on my tongue.  I liked the perk it gives me, the minor jolt of electrical impulse moving me forward.

One day, I may have to give it up for some reason, and I will try to figure out where and when.  A beach resort, a place I can indulge my other senses while the brain pounds.  I will need two months or so to get the job done.  Until then, enjoy the cuppa, all.


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Junkies united

I relate to you from the bottom of my accelerated heart, Jessica. If someone slipped me decaf, I would have a nasty case of the DTs within hours.

As I say in the intro to Caffeinated Ponderings, my biggest fear is that the Surgeon General will one day deem my consumption illegal, which will send me in search of a stock-up that even Costco couldn't supply.

I raise my second cup (well, it's more like a trough) of liquid vivacity to you!

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Found this on my return from

Found this on my return from my daily double (short) espresso.  My favorite barrista (is that the term?), who I suspect hits me with four shots instead of two, was on the machine so I will probably be up till Wednesday.  Ah well, as I tell people, "It's my last remaining vice."

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Preaching to the Choir

Mary Lynn Archibald

Boy, do I hear you Jessica. The worst headaches I've ever had, and I had migraines at least once a week for at least 50 years.

Problem is, when you get to my age, you need to consume all your caffeine before noon, or you don't sleep at night (something else that gets harder after 50). Grim, but as the wise men say, it's better than the alternative.

Good luck,


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Now I know who to invite to

Now I know who to invite to the addicts circle.  We will drink coffee (the meeting will be in the morning).  We will raise our cups to our mutual love and addiction and vice!

I also have had migraines off and on, since I was 12.  The caffeine headache is different though somehow.  I guess I have become a headache connoisseur!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Not to sound like another kind of addict, Mary Lynn, but wine mixed with a little Benedryl helps when one has has to much coffee to late into the day.

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My coffee poem....redux (In case y'all missed it. :)

How I Do It


Coffee coffee in my veins,

Stimulate this writer's brains,

Course right through my ev'ry artery,

Make my verse more terse and smartery

By the teacup, by the mug,

Inspiration by the jug,

Is it madness; do I sorta

Feel a throb in my aorta?

No, 'tis nothing; just a twinge,

Time to start another binge.