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A Strange, Bizarre Week
If only I'd had my character's magic power yesterday about 3.30.

Hamlet's father's ghost, the spectral image of poor King Hamlet, says some pretty damn amazing stuff to Hamlet.  Basically, he tells his son that he's doomed to spend eternity roaming the world at night, unforgiven for all the sins he committed in his life.  Of course, he first prefaces this speech by telling Hamlet he can't tell him how bad it was, and then he tells him how bad it was anyway.

So, I'm going to pull half a King Hamlet's ghost.  My week was like purgatory, roaming around in a fugue state because of circumstances beyond my control  No, no one poured a noxious distillment into my ear to kill me, but I heard a lot of crap-o-la that felt like it.  But I won't go on and torment you as the ghost tormented Hamlet.

The good news is that I have hummingbird photos that fit onto the gallery The Hummingbird.  Please look.  They will make you happy and give you hope against unhinged humans and swine flu.


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seems to be going around

Awful weeks, that is. I'm off for a walk to hopefully forget about unhinged humans. My tendency is to obsess. I'm trying to fight it.
Hope your weekend is much better!

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It's already better!

It's already better! Thanks, Jodi.



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