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A Nora Sighting

One of my roommates at the Mariott here in DC is a Nora Roberts fan, in the quintessential and pure meaning of the word:  fanatic.  Today, we are going to the Nora Roberts chat, wherein Nora tells us all--from on high and with great knowledge and information.  And my roomate is frenetic with antiticpation.

Now, she doesn't know why she likes Nora Roberts so much.  It's not that Nora's language knocks her off her her seat or that the characters stick with her after a day or so.  It's something else, she thinks.  A feeling.  A way of thinking.  An attitude.

And Nora Roberts is some hot stuff.  If you haven't read the article about her in the July 6 and 13 issue of The New Yorker, you should.  She's a great story.  From divorced mother to multimillionaire writer.  She's philanthropic and famous, and, folks, I just worked out next to her at the gym.  Nora sweats, which is good news for us all. 

For many genre writers and many writers in general, Nora represents what can happen.  She worked hard and it paid off.   Her books sell in any market--her books are made into movies and TV shows in this market.  She stuck to it and still sticks to it.  She has a vision, a dream, and she fulfills it.  She shares the wealth (she has an RWA scholarship for folks unable to afford this conference) and she gives out her advice.   She's one smart cookie.

I don't read Nora Roberts, but I am glad that Nora Roberts is out there.  I'm glad that a writer can achieve what she wants in this culture, along with the musicians and movie makers.  It's cool to have a "rock star" writer around, someone to give quick furtive glances at while I pretend to watch CNN.

I don't think I will tell my roommate that I climbed on the elliptical machine next to Nora, though.  She might never recover from jealousy.


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You have to tell us, Jessica...

does Nora read when she works out? Or is she a ipod person?
Here's Nora answering questions about writing...

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room