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Pennsylvania Meets California for Thanksgiving

Nothing in my childhood home resembled what I saw in my friends' houses.  My parents swam naked.  My father threw pots on a kick wheel.  My brother rarely bathed and hung out in a giant eucalyptus tree in the backyard.  My sister liked to walk up and down the stairs on her hands.  And the pet cockatoo, Ace, perched on the curtain rod in the family room where he dropped gray and white shit all over the back of the couch.

 Even Thanksgiving was different as my mother prepared foods from recipes handed down to her orally from her Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother.  There were no cookbooks in our house, no exact rules to be followed, but each dish was amazing.

Red Room's ebullient Gina Misiroglu hooked me up with the cheerful people at AOL who have posted my quick story about my mother's recipe for Pennsylvania Dutch corn.  If you can figure out exactly how much sugar I should use, please let me know!  I'm still slowly adding it, trying to get just the right salty/sweet combination. 

 Check it out here: http://www.kitchendaily.com/2010/10/09/thanksgiving-traditions-california/