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The Price of Passion
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Lambda Rising Book Report, Bay Area Reporter, The Wishing Well

“Wells’ language is a rich and varied drug… Unlike so many other highly charged novels, The Price of Passion is a fully integrated story with a compelling conflict and fully developed theme that deals with a subject that is consistent with such a passionate story line…Wells’ talents as a storyteller shine in this remarkable voyage.” Lambda Rising Book Report

“Beautifully written, the love and longing in (The Price of Passion) are amazing.”  The Wishing Well

“Jess Wells has always been an extraordinary writer, but with The Price of Passion she moves into the rarefied circle of the great authors, those who can capture a character, a setting, an event, an emotion, with complete care and utter mastery… Wells’ prose reflects the care of a writer who weighs every word while…achieving a lightness that suggests that we are hearing a story breathlessly told for the first time.”  Bay Area Reporter