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Published Work: 
The Washington Blade, Chicago Outlines, Girlfriends Magazine, Recommended Reading/True Review

"AfterShocks is an achievement.  There are lines that are so filled with beauty and truth that they are sheer pleasure to read.  Jess Wells is obviously possessed by a talent and a vision." The Washington Blade

“Wells (has) a poet’s eye for telling detail.” Deborah Peifer, BAR

"Jess Wells is a consummate storyteller and really does have a gift." Chicago Outlines

"Wells is a great writer..." Girlfriends Magazine

"Ms. Wells is one of our clearest and most talented new voices...an immensely creative writer."  Bay Windows

“You can’t help but wonder at the level of difficulty of writing a novel (AfterShocks ) about angst that is humorous.  What measure of talent is it to write a story about darkness and despair, the result of the tragedy of broken dreams and a literally broken landscape, and still elicit a smile from the reader, who expected a lot less and received more?”  Recommended Reading column, Teresa Witmer, True Review