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Join us in honoring one of the brilliant founding voices of new literature, Judy Grahn, in a special event Friday, October 30th at the Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street at Mission, in San Francisco. The Judy Grahn All Hallows' Eve Extravaganza An evening of performances paying tribute to...
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If you write historical fiction that’s based in a timeframe prior to the invention of the car (and most is), here’s a tip: learn to ride a horse. It was virtually the only mode of transportation for most of our characters and the experience of riding long distances and/or the relationship that one...
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What a jewel: Ramble Redhead interviews authors for a 1-hour online radio show.  How long has it been seen you've been able to be the center of attention and prattle on about yourself, your writing, what you love in the world, where you grew up and some of the wild times you've constructed for...
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Bitten: Dark Erotic Stories includes "The Rookery"
Thrilled to say that my story, "The Rookery" is included in the beautiful and terrifying new collection of 'dark erotic stories' edited by Susie Bright. Here's the opening: "The birds in the rookery know when royal sex is being had. They puff out their chests, molt violently and dig...
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At the marvelous Saints and Sinners Conference in New Orleans, a young man asked me whether it was reasonable for his partner to rent an apartment separate from the house to remove him from distractions.  And of course one always thinks up a better answer/better scenario after the questioner ducks...
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Terrific, witty new contest at Smith Magazine: can you write your memoir as a mother in just 6 words.  I imagine that it's inspired by the Hemingway challenge that he could write a complete story in six words ("Baby shoes for sale. Never used." Or was that "baby crib"? Either...
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I’d like to offer additional questions for discussion at the Key West Literary Conference: Historical Fiction and the Search for Truth.  Much of the discussion has centered on two questions: a) why write historical novels and b) what are the requirements of accuracy? How about: Eras in the past...
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My friend bemoans the fact that he feels blue at Christmas, his mood so at odds with the bright lights and cheer, but to me, his malaise seems entirely in keeping with the nature-based roots of the winter holidays. In northern countries until the very recent past, this was the season when we stared...
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Flagler College, St. Augustine FL
Kevin Cantwell, a warmly gracious and insightful professor from Macon State College, says that when his first-year students choose to write historical fiction, he knows they’re in trouble.  A week later he sees them on campus, laden down with books of research and when pressed, they can describe...
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Ignore for a moment the amount of solitude writers require, how we insist on the best room with the best light for our offices, how we ditch out on parties and trips to the in-laws for a chance to work on our novels, how we suddenly get an idea and get out of bed or refuse to go out even though we’...
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The new anthology of erotic gothic short stories by Susie Bright has a name, a home, and a final list of contributors. I'm honored to be included with my story, "The Rookery", a tale of a father and son in the 1300s struggling with mortality, responsibility, and the thrill of the chase...
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As we prepare for the last day of vacation before the new school year (in my family’s case for the beginning of high school) I’d like to say hats off to all the parents who have gotten through another summer without homicide, suicide, or patricide. To all the moms who didn’t fling fireplace tools...
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Hey, check out chapter one of my new novel, The Mandrake Broom, in the "Article/Story" area.  It sets the scene in Italy 1465 and introduces you to Luccia, the protagonist, her mother and godmother and the rising troubles for women doctors. I'll be posting more chapters as time goes on.
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Join me in congratulating the devotion of Wising Up Press as they release a new anthology, FAMILIES: The Frontline of Pluralism. It includes my piece, "See-Saw Family" and is edited by Heather Tosteson and Charles D. Brockett. The editors say: "Comprised of stories, memoirs and...
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Susie Bright is constructing a new volume, this one to be an object d'art involving erotica with a gothic theme.  Chronicle Books is putting it out in the fall of 2009.  Recently, she said "The Gothic and the Erotic (working title) is a special project of mine to make an elegant book with a...
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