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Gold Mine for Historical Novelists: Taschen Art Book of Maps
Cities of the World

Discovered this eye-opening book by the Taschen company, makers of amazing art books:  Cities of the World: 363 Engravings Revolutionize The View of the World which contains color plates of cities 1572 -1617.  It’s a gold-mine for the historical novelist (or the dreamer who wants to fall into a daydream).  Each bridge over a lake, each path around the city walls is actually shown: now you can set your stories in factually correct settings whether they’re intact in 2011 or not.  Brilliant. I want to curl up with it and float away on plot, imagining the people wandering the streets like using the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter.

At this past year’s Saints and Sinners Literary Festival New Orleans, I taught a class on location and how to make settings work within fiction.  It was a blast to teach and I hope to offer it someday at The Writing Salon in the Bay Area.  This book will go top of the list of resources to work with. More on this as I dive into it.