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Celebrate Susie Bright's "Best American Erotica"

Susie Bright is hosting a party at Modern Times on Wednesday, Feb. 13th, 7:30 p .m., to say farewell to her stewardship of the fabulous "Best American Erotica."  I had the privilege of having my short story, "The Agent", published in it, and to read during one of her events at Slim's several years ago.  Quite the event. I foolishly thought we'd fall on our face: she was charging $12 a head to get in during an era when audience members were usually outnumbered by store staff members at readings.   Instead, the place was packed.  There was a line out the door.  It was one of my favorite readings ever.  On stage, good lighting, good sound, incredible stories. And one reason was because that was the night that I met Michelle Tea, a sweetheart in her own right.  I've since had the story re-printed in an Italian volume of erotica called "Working Hard," a book that is, without a doubt, the most beautifully designed book I've ever been involved with. 

Join us at the party.  Modern Times Bookstore: 888 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA http://www.mtbs.com/