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Bloomsday and James Joyce Abounds

Since tomorrow is Bloomsday, I wanted to chime in here: I’ve recently taken a 24-lecture course on Joyce’s Ulysses from The Teaching Company and it was incredible. For just $34 I was able to get 12 hours of audio lectures from a professor at Princeton.  And I was able to download them to my iPhone so I could be my hummingbird self not sitting for a moment, but learning as I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, homeschooled my son (which turns out to be a lot of hovering.  Good thing I’m a hummingbird. )
One of the many joys of the course on Ulysses is that it not only took me chapter by chapter through Joyce’s book but showed me its use of Homer’s Odyssey and its characters, so it was like learning two books at the same time, plus biographical notes on Joyce.

Then I listened to Michael Krazny’s course on the short story -- just amazing.

I’m currently taking “Classic Novels; Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature.”

 Does this sound like a woman between gigs/projects/clients? Yes!! The "real" writer's life.