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Timmy's in the Well, The Jon Provost Story by Jon and Laurie

Being a dog person, I had to read this book. Timmy and Lassie were my role models and that was what attracted me to the book. I felt like Timmy was my best friend in as much as he had been caring for mine and America's Dog, Lassie. The book was more than I thought it would be. It gave an amazing look at Timmy and Jon. It's a feel good read that assured me Lassie was always in good hands. More importantly, I learned that Jon is a good guy and one of us. My wife commented that Jon Provost is a "real person and not a Hollywood Snot" as so many became. Jon and Laurie did an excellent job on this book. I plan to give one as a gift and read the other books by Laurie.