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One More Day
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Jerry gives an overview of the book:

Looking back at good times, wishing for a reprise.
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Looking back at good times, wishing for a reprise.

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Give me just one more day near the honeysuckle on the James River in August, for sex before breakfast and the bouquet of early morning love and a day watching Pacific sunsets stratify as they melt through the atmosphere along the Big Sur and the feel of sea salt skin on the beach or one day on old embarcadero in Morro Bay embracing the beach house warmth and another fishing the Merced in Tuolumne Meadows and angling high lakes for trout starving for any fly and another day in the fog of Golden Gate Park with eucalyptus dripping, and a day biking the foothills of the Pyrenees and another sharing with "Lefty" the three legged squirrel and "Lock Jaw" the aging blue jay, just one more day.

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 Beginning In 1957 I was producing commercial and news copy for radio and moved into television news in 1965. During 40-years in journalism and television production I was nominated twice for Emmy Awards for writing and producing news and documentaries for KRON, the NBC...

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