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Stepping Back in Time at Virginia's Nimrod Hall
Nimrod Hall

Most places change over time and some change the people who visit them. Nimrod Hall is definitely the latter. In the Wood family since the early 1900s, Nimrod looks (and feels) today just as it did then. And as anyone who has ever been will tell you, Nimrod changes you.

Nimrod Hall, tucked in the mountains of Bath County, Virginia, was built as a hunting lodge in 1783. What began as a simple, two-story log cabin back then, has sprouted a motley assemblage of rooms and porches over the years. These days, Frankie Wood Apistolas and her husband Jimmy run the property, and everyone who visits is considered family.

Of course, most of the guests practically are family, returning summer after summer for a week-long retreat from the world. New guests are welcome by referral only and only if there's space, which is a big "if," since some folks have been returning, without fail, for sixty plus years.

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