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Jennifer W. Horne's Books

Bottle Tree
The poems in "Bottle Tree" can be considered meditations on the history and culture of the author's native South, as well as her individual family history, with often ambivalent responses to both. The characters in these poems find solace in nature but return again and again to the complexity of human relationships as necessary connection. Horne, who has edited a...
All Out of Faith (cover image by Bethanne Hill)
All Out of Faith gives voice to southern women writers who represent a broad spectrum of faiths, Catholic to Baptist, Jewish to Buddhist, and points in between. These essays and stories depict women who have experienced spiritual struggles, awakenings, transformations, and rebellions. Frances Mayes and Barbara Kingsolver investigate the importance of place. Dorothy Allison, among...
Working the Dirt
From the seat of a tractor to the seat of a car driven in search of a peach stand, the poems gathered here deal with dirt, toil, memory, history, and bliss. Horne carefully selected and sequenced the more than 100 poems in this collection within a thematic structure, and is clearly blown away by the individuality of the voices and poetic talents. Determined to present the South...