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The Power of Belief
The Saint Paul Cathedral

A few weeks ago, our family of five embarked on a cultural excursion to see the Saint Paul Cathedral - a historic Minnesota landmark.  Before getting out of the car, my husband cautioned our little mini-me's in the backseat, "This is God's house.  You need to be very quiet - no talking."  Sitting booster-to-booster, three kids nodded sweetly in unison. 

We paraded into the extraordinary building to join several other silent worshipers and tourists. The interior of the cathedral is sensory picnic of sights, smells and, well, very little sound.  It wasn't long before all three children sat side by side in a lemon-waxed pew.   Mimicking the posture of an angel, my daughter pressed her hands together with her fingertips pointed toward the ornate domed ceiling.  Not a fidget was spotted by my husband or I for almost a full ten minutes; this, in itself, a miracle.  I started to relax, and sent up a quick prayer of thanks. 

And then, from the bowels of the church, a door slammed – its heavy tenor echoed off the high walls.  Eyes wide, my daughter searched the cavernous space for its source, finding none, her voice rang out, "God, is that you?" Beautiful laughter filled the cathedral from the people within hearing range.  I couldn’t help think the good Lord must have had a chuckle too – loving the sound of happiness (and my daughter, for being such an innocent believer). 

My book and blog showcase the power of belief, any belief - belief in you, belief in Santa Clause or belief in a power greater than us all.  It doesn’t matter if you practice Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, or Judaism. I don't write to preach any one religion, nor am I posting to express any political views.  I am a writer telling a religious story; Catholic to be specific, with an underlining political theme – controversial, yes.  I expect some backlash due to the nature of this 60-year-old tale (*sigh*).   Recently, a commenter accused me of being an "intellectually lazy atheist".  This couldn't be further from the truth. My book, In Wake of a Following, is a novel based on two people (my grandmother and grandfather) and how they each followed their separate beliefs.  Through my blog, I detail the investigation into my family's past, my feelings along the way and how the words – to express my findings – found their way to paper. 

I hope you will continue to follow - and believe!

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When I was very young (Lutheran) our reconverted army chapel held about 100 people, and there was a balcony where the choir sat and the large Hammond organ was (which I was privileged to play (during communion so the organist could partake) although only in the fifth grade.

During Good Friday services, the children from the adjoining school were asked to sit in the balcony to make room for the adults that attended (many on a break from work).

As we viewed the "film" of the crucifixion in living color, one little boy leaned over the balcony and shouted with tears in his eyes "I'll bet that wouldn't have happened if Hop-a-long Cassidy had been there."

Probably the most memorable Good Friday service ever.

Thank you for a delightful post - I will be sure to follow you.

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good stuff

Pretty funny, both of you! Thanks for a good post.

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This was precious, Jennifer.

This was precious, Jennifer. I loved the line from your daughter. "God, is that you?" Well, maybe it was.

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The Power of Belief

Hi Jennifer,
I enjoyed your blog...I too agree with Dorraine... "Maybe it was God" ...I am intrigued by your writings on your family history...once again, your writing is very descriptive and creative...I can't wait to read more. I was able to finally post my first blog to Red Room...I don't know if I will be able to write one up by this Friday for the theme of Favorite Childrens book..but thus far, Red Room is fun. I hope you have a nice day.