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You Won! Congrats Jennifer!

That was the email I received late last night from my publisher in Denver - sent from his iphone, you have to love technology. I went to bed happy and shocked. I hope Mr Keller will still let me eat at The French Laundry or Per Se one day.
This morning I am chilling the champagne and congratulating my friends and fellow Torontonians Jeff and Naomi on their win and hoping to meet the other Canadian winner Montrealer Taras Grescoe soon. I am sure all four of us would  enjoy a lively discussion.  Check out all the winners.

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what a wonderful way to start off the week!!

thank you for sharing your news with us!

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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Fab news!

Congratulations Jennifer!!

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Thank you

Thank you both for you congrats. It is wonderful to learn that other people appreciate your book. As you know alone in front of the computer is often more a time of doubt rather than confidence.

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More cheers

over here from me, Jennifer. Congratulations!


Shana McLean Moore