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Corn on the barbecue

I always boiled my corn. Removing the husks and silk then dropping them into boiling salted water, before draining and slathering with butter, adding nothing more than sea salt and freshly ground pepper. The pepper surprised my husband who, until he met me, only added salt. Then, like many who read food magazines, I began the torturous task of peeling back the husk, attempting the impossible task of removing all the silk before rewrapping the cob in its leaves and soaking the whole thing before barbecuing. Superior taste and flavour was the promise. False. It was simply a tiresome way to steam the corn. Even worse, it tasted just like boiled corn.
My husband, the real corn lover in the family, decided to barbecue it, taking his inspiration from the street vendors in Toronto's India town, where grilled corn is a popular snack. After several attempts he has now perfected his method. The naked cobs are brushed with a fat and spice mixture. Lard, goose or duck fat, whatever is in our refrigerator, is blended with salt, cayenne or chili powder, garam masala and paprika. He brushes the cobs all over with this flavoured fat then cooks them over medium high, turning four times. When you here the corn popping and see some crisp burnt kernels, it's ready.

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BBQ Corn

This is one of my favorites ways to enjoy corn. Growing up, my family regularly grilled corn in the summer. Moving to San Francisco, I was introduced to the Latin-American method of using grilled corn with chile' and salt sprinkled on it. Since my doctors warning of high-cholesterol, I've learned to enjoy it without the condiments. I do miss the butter though.

Thomas Dotson, redroom.com

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Oh, I loved grilled corn

but don't have a grill.  I love corn done up any way.  My mother and I are corn fanatics, but my dad, who grew up during famine years in Manchuria cannot abide the smell of corn.  It was the only food available during those years of paucity: flood, drought or locusts.

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Corn is a relatively recent

Corn is a relatively recent arrival in Thailand, and they didn't waste much time learning how to do it right.  They slather it with a HOT curry sauce, and then barbecue it.   It's to die for.  Of course, not everyone is fond of peppers that can etch the glaze off of porcelain, but I certainly am. :)