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Web Browsers: Three Reasons to Switch to Firefox

Web Browsers: 3 Reasons to Use Firefox

by Jennifer King

As far as I’m concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza.  ~John McClane, Die Hard 2

Browsing the Web with Firefox

Browsing the Web with Firefox

In the past few weeks, one of my sons has been interviewing me for a school project about different inventions that were made in my lifetime. It’s been funny seeing technological advances through his eyes — microwaves, remote controls, cell phones, and the all-time best internet.

Technology has come a little way since I was born (1973) … and it’s as impossible for me to imagine life without some of those recent inventions as it is for my 10 year old. What would I do without the internet? And computers? Life is so much more connected with both of those, and living overseas is certainly a lot more possible with both. Skype, email, websites … we use them all the time. And for writers, we use our computers for everything– writing the actual manuscripts, networking, communications, blogging, researching. We need our technology to work well!

But technology doesn’t always work, even for those like me with an engineering background. In the past 2 years alone, I have: crashed 4 computer hard drives, 1 iPhone, my entire website 2 times — all rendered completely useless and needing to be rebuilt in order to continue working. And, information has been stolen from the internet, through an insecure site. Sometimes, technology just isn’t a friend. I think we have to stick together and recommend things that do work …

So, I have had one major improvement technologically-speaking in the past year, which can be useful for anyone … switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla’s Firefox.

Here are 3 Reasons to switch to Mozilla’s Firefox, if you haven’t already:

1) Firefox adds security to web browsing.

Internet Explorer has long had problems with its internet security. Hackers have broken their way through it for years.

2) Firefox has extensions.

One of my favorite things about Firefox is the way it looks, and the features that can be personalized. On the photo above, you can see the “Persona” that I use–cherry blossoms backed by a blue sky. There are millions available at GetPersonas.com. Firefox has a long list of add-ons available here.

3) Firefox is easy, and free.

Click here to access Mozilla’s Firefox download site.

But, as PC World stated in this article comparing Firefox, Safari (Apple), Chrome (Google), and Internet Explorer (Microsoft), browser choice is a matter of personal preference, and what we get used to using.

Technology never is easy, and changes overnight. I’d love to hear your recommendations on technology you’ve found useful … thanks for leaving it in the comments below!

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Firefox just might be the best browser. I was using Firefox a year ago on my older laptop. I purchased this laptop last August with Microsoft as the browser and haven't switched over yet. I will switch today. Thank you, Jennifer King for reminding me.

Ben Campbell

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Hi Ben, Thanks for stopping

Hi Ben,

Thanks for stopping by ... it's true. When IE is the default browser on a computer, it's much easier to click. But I enjoy Firefox-- it's worth it. Happy writing!