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              I just finished Books by Larry McMurtry. It's his best book in years; the way he tells about how he first started his love affair with books, how he started writing, and then when he started to be a book scout. A book scout finds books, sometimes reads them, and then sells them back...
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  I was thinking of connections we form, be it real life or on the internet. Are they cliques? Other than getting the beginning monologue to Square Pegs in my head, I had to think well, define cliques.             Ten years ago, I signed on the Internet. I first went on a message board maintained...
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              I don't really feel like writing about grammar today. It's cold, I've got scratches all over me from Ida B., I've got overdue library books, and I found out my dad has laryngitis and he shouldn't be talking, but he still calls me every couple of hours to listen to something on NPR. I...
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  Today is my grandfather's birthday. He would've been ninety-three years old. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him in some way.             I've mentioned in other blogs that when my parents separated, my mother needed to finish college to be competitive in the job market. My grandparents...
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            The Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, and it didn’t surprise me that I didn’t know any of the shows nominated, or some of the nominees. I knew America Ferriera because I’ve seen Ugly Betty, but lately I’ve just been bored with television.             I don’t know when that...
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First off I want to thank many of you who have corrected me on some mistakes I made about Paul Rauch's varied career. I made corrections when need be on the blog in question. There was a lot of debate, however: He's great at what he does! No he's a jerk! No he's what soaps need right now!  It made...
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I haven’t gotten my stimulus check yet. I don’t know why. Well, maybe the fact I forgot to include my deposit slip with my tax return. You have to understand, I was swearing under my breath when I was doing taxes this year because I had to pay. Forty-five dollars, but I had to pay! Anyway, when I...
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              I just finished a bio about Chez Panisse, the la-di-da restaurant in Berkeley. Right near my bed is a copy of Eleanor Coppola's book that a friend gave me for my birthday. I opened it up this morning and I read a passage how Coppola went to a luncheon honoring Alice Waters, the woman...
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I’ve been trying to keep my soap opera blogs at a minimum because honestly, it depresses me. Now  writing about the classic age of soaps, heck get me started and a Bartle and Jaymes in me and I can chat about it for hours until you start to back away and say “Stay away from this girl! Stay far away...
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I just found out I’m getting Lifetime Movie Network free this month. How could I missed it? How could’ve I missed the Lifetime Movie Network? It plays twenty-four hours a day and shows Tiffany Amber Thiessen getting murdered, Tori Spelling getting killed or sleeping with danger, and Kellie Martin...
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It’s Monday, so it’s time for another Grammarphobe lesson! Yes, it’s me, the Grammarphobe girl (thanks, Dennis Shay, for the new title) First off, I want to give a shout out to other RedRoomers who are writing about grammar. And boy, do they know more than I do-Francoise Renoir and June Cassagrade...
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Francoise Renoir just issued a meme about what books influence our lives. It's a little bit late because I was taking care of my niece, aka the Little Pistol.  It's always tricky to talk about books, because your taste might not be like any other person's, or they might look at your picks and say,...
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As many of you know, I used to love soap operas. Yep, I loved my stories. I don’t so much anymore, for many reasons I’ve written about. However, I do keep track of the soap news, and here’s the big news for the week: Genie Francis, who became famous when she portrayed the role of Laura Vinning...
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Gentle Readers, I’m about to do something unusual. I’m going to write a plea to a fictional character. It might sound odd, but bear with me. It’s also not a political rant, so you have nothing to fear. First, some background.             I started reading For Better or for Worse when I was ten....
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Note: I'm about to go off on a political tangent. Gentle Readers, if you don't what to read one of my political tangents, go ahead and re-read my thoughts on money, Nancy Drew and Ryan's Hope. Also remember I'm hot and my house doesn't have air conditioning. Don't say you weren't warned! Dear...
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