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When all fails, make them laugh!

So I promised my gentle readers that I would think of funny movies this weekend. And as Dr. Phil would say, how's that working out for you? I think this past week is catching up with me. I had to leave a concert early yesterday. It was all these great folk songs rallying against the establishment and The Man. Me, I started to long for a Mitch Miller patriotic sing-a-long.

But, as John Wayne told Barbara Walters, you can't let the bastards get you down. So I will, as Jessica Barksdale says, give it a go.

9 to 5-What's scary is this movie still holds up; there are still sexist lying hypocritical bosses out there, in all colors and, in a sad way, both sexes. However, watch as Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin act out their fantasies in getting their boss. Plus you have to love the theme song!

Airplane!- Oh, this is a given. Such a given. I mean, it's Robert Hayes throwing that white jacket and it gets thrown back at him, Leslie Niesen saying "Stop calling me Shirley!" Barbara Billingley talking ebonics, I mean, do I have to convince you this is a funny movie?

American Pie movies-Yes, they are so gross out at times I got a bit nauseous. And they owe us for coining that phrase MILF. However, they are funny and darned sweet at times. Plus you get Alyson Hannigan! "This one time, during band camp.."

Annie Hall- Woody Allen's best movie, for sure. Remember those days we liked Woody Allen? Yes, those lovely days when we could like him without getting sqiurmy inside, when we thought his stuttering and seducing Diane Keaton was darned charming. Those were the days. Plus the scene when he brings in Marshall McClulan? I've mentioned this scene many times to people I tutored, and they so get it.

Auntie Mame-Say it with me, Gentle Readers: "But Darling, I'm your Auntie Mame!" Rosalind Russell, you can be our Auntie Mame anytime, lady. Just get rid of the politically incorrect Asian servant and show us that life is a banquet, and that we will survive.

Bull Durham- Watch Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon meet and fall in love. Well, not on screen, but in real life! Plus jokes about baseball, Sarandon quoting William Blake, and Kevin Costner's monalogue on what he believes in, pitch perfect.


Clueless-As if! Whatever! Ah, the mid-nineties, remember them? Weren't they great? And Alicia Silverstone as Cher, the girl who isn't as dumb as you think she is. Those were the days, and you can relive them all over again.

Duck Soup-If I ever had a production company, it would be called Hail, Freedonia, after the fictional country in Duck Soup. Groucho is Rufus T. Firefly who becomes president of the company. And if you think our current president is bad, whooee, you've never seen Rufus! Or is Rufus better than Bush? Ack! Anyway, watch it for the double take Groucho does with Harpo in their nightgowns.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High-I love Cameron Crowe. If he wasn't married to Heart singer Nancy Wilson, he is one of those older men I could so go for. This was his screenwriting debut showing a southern California high school. It marked the rising stars of Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eric Stolz, Forrest Whitaker, and countless others. And of course, Sean Penn, who does an amazing monalogue at the end of what he did learn in Mr. Hand's class.

The Graduate-I try to see this one every year to just ask myself, does it hold up? It does. Plus we need to hear yet again Mrs. Robinson say to Elaine: "It's too late!" Elaine looks at her mother right in the eye and says: "Not for me."  And not for us.

Office Space-I adore this movie. I saw it in a theater and I was the only person who was laughing, but I don't care. Partly because the main character has my last name, and it introduced Milton ("You can't have my stapler, it's a swingline stapler, you can't have it, it's mine.") Flair (You don't have enough flair!) and showing how hard it is at a company party to get a piece of cake. The injustice! The hiliarity!

Tootsie-No surprise I love this one, because it's partly set on a soap opera set, and darnit, isn't Dustin Hoffman attractive as a woman?

Waiting For Guffman-This was the second of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries, and I believe his best. Set in Blaine Missouri, they are going to put on a show! It's up to Corky St. Clair to do the casting. Who will he choose?  Will Guffman come to the show? Most of all, will we ever see Corky's wife?

There's many more movies, but that's enough for now. I have to enjoy the first day of fall. Keep going, RedRoomers.