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The Groovy Superstar Giveaway of I Woke Up In Love This Morning!

Davy Jones' death got me thinking of many things: time passing, plus how everyone--especially women--reacted. It truly didn't matter how old you were. Davy was so cute, the boy you could dance with in the gym and man, could he move.

Writing the title story of I Woke Up In Love This Morning was fun to write for the seventies details, plus timeless ones as well: Thrifty's ice cream. Watching As The World Turns in the afternoon. Being in the middle of a long hot summer when the only excitement is gossip. I had summers like that in my life. It was also fun to write about the seventies as well, especially David Cassidy. The shag haircut! The puka shells! That smile! The feeling of believing every word he sang about, priceless.



The art of reading is finding your story when you read someone else's. I want to hear about your fave teen idol. Leif Garrett? Frank Sinatra? Fabian? Bring them on. Justin Timberlake? Justin Bieber? Bring them on. Let's hear about them. I'll select three winners to get I Woke Up In Love This Morning.

There are some rules:

1. You have to have some type of e-reader, or know how to print out the manuscript from adobe editions.

2. You can't be related to me to participate in this giveaway.

3. All entries must be posted by 7:00 PM Pacific on Wednesday March 21st. I will chose the entries by throwing some names in a hat.

4. All entries must be PG-13 rated. Sorry to be picky, but I don't want to hear your fantasy about Donny Osmond with butter.

5. You can enter by...

a. blogging at Red Room

b. twittering your fave to my handle jenniferkate

c. leave comments here at Red Room, Goodreads, She Writes and facebook.

Most importantly, have fun. Listen to Bay City Rollers. Remember when you wrote I LOVE BOBBY SHERMAN all over your book covers? Let's hear about it. In the meantime, stay groovy man!







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Ok I took your challenge for

Ok I took your challenge for the fun of it and posted it on my Red Room page.


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Listen to the Bay City Rollers?

LOL. Why not Paper Lace (The Night Chicago Died, Billy, Don't Be A Hero)? 

Sorry, I'm teasing. What a fun challenge. Funny, though, when we talk about teenage crushes and infatuations, I don't hear much from the guys' side. Remember Teen Beat and Tiger Magazines? 


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this is embarrassing...

I couldn't think of any women teen idols! Of course there's Britney Spears, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson.... Michael you need to write about Barbara Eden!!

Jennifer Gibbons,Red Room

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Thinking about it more

After posting my comment and walking off, other memories wandered through me. I had a cousin, six years my junior, who was in high school and madly in love with Emma Samms on General Hospital.

I later once disparaged leather dressed rocker Lita Ford, only to get dressed down by a young friend who loved her because she was hot. 

But another young friend at the table, younger than the rest of us, said, "No, Samantha Fox is hotter than her." 

Which reminded me of Stevie Nicks. My friends agreed, she was hot. 

I never aspired to a crush on her but my friends' reactions amused me. I will confess that I think I had a boy crush on David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin

While I didn't kiss his photo, I did end up wearing my hair in a similar style to his and took to wearing the turtle necks that he wore in later episodes.


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ah, Emma Samms...

I never could get behind her as Fallon on Dynasty. Her Fallon wasn't as feisty as Pamela Sue Martin's Fallon.


Stevie Nicks! Everyone! Dance to "Stand  Back!"

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room