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The GrammarPhobe Lessons: Conjunctions, the Joiners!


It's Monday, so it must be time for a Grammarphobe lesson!  Before I begin, I know there's been a lot of drama the past couple of days.  Rest assured, gentle readers, that I am Jennifer Gibbons. Okay, there are other Jennifer Gibbonses. The most famous one lived in London with her twin June Gibbons and they shared a secret language. However, who you see in that picture of me is me. Besides, who else would admit she has left brain issues and is a fan of vintage soap operas?

            Moving on! This week's topic was requested by Dennis Shay, who wanted to know about conjunctions. Ah, conjunctions. The unsung heroes of grammar. Think about it, what would we do without conjunctions?

            Conjunctions join words together in a sentence. Yes, conjunctions are joiners. Think of them like Tracey Flick in Election: they join each club because they have school spirit! They the ones who jump on their feet for the home team. Go team go!
            Here are the conjunctions, the stars!






            Give them a round of applause, ladies and gents!
            Another way to remember these conjunctions is something I learned when I was an English tutor: FANBOYS. (For And Nor But Or Yet So)  Doesn't it sound like a boy band? The girls are just crazy over this new boy band, Fanboys!

            Conjunctions are probably most famous not for what they do, but for a little song. We all know the little railroad guy from Schoolhouse Rock who hooked up the words and clauses. Who was he really? Let's go to The Grammarphone RedRoom Story: The Conjunction Function Railroad guy!

            Railroad guy: It was crazy. People just wanted to touch my hat, shake my hand. They still do. They tell me they passed English because of me. I don't know what to say. I'm just someone who does his job everyday. Life hasn't been perfect. I had that incident with the Bill from I'm just a bill. I told him what made him so special that he deserved to be a law?  I pointed out that if it wasn't for me, sentences wouldn't me formed. I was pretty full of myself back then. I'm glad I'm over it.

            Modest little guy, isn't he? Let us salute our conjunctions, the silent heroes of sentences!