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Thank you Mr. Foote

Horton Foote died today at age 92. If his name doesn't sound familar,  he did one of the best adaptations of novel to film:
To Kill A Mockingbird

Here's Mayella Ewell at the courthouse

Atticus tucking Scout in

Foote also wrote the screenplay (and won the Oscar) for Tender Mercies. This is a musical scene when Dixie (Betty Buckley) sings "Over You"

And here's Mr. Foote talking about his characters.


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Another great passes away

Another great passes away ... Man, I loved that book and the movie was brilliant. One of the best adaptations EVER ...

Randy Wong

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he was a national treasure

Mr. Foote taught a class at HB Studio in NYC. I studied there but never took his course. I regret it now, and it's a lesson--don't postpone!

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Yes, I agree, great book and

Yes, I agree, great book and fabulous movie.