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Random Thoughts from a cuscus

Gentle Readers, I am sorry for my absence. I have a cold. Not just any cold, mind you. A irritating cold that has left me crabby, tired, and I'm becoming the lady who yells at children for playing and says: "Darned kids!"  I am lazy, and I am feeling like a cuscus.

What is a cuscus, you might ask?

Here's a picture:

A cuscus is a marisupal who lives in Australia. They sleep a lot. I mean, 90% percent of the time. The other ten percent they are eating leaves, having sex with other cusucuses, and trying to stay away from hunters who want its pelts.

I am a cusucus right now.

I went back to work on Tuesday then spent the afternoon in bed. I went and did errands yesterday and this left me so tired I took two naps.

I know I'm at the end of it, my colds/flus go like this:
1. I get a sore throat.

2. I start to sneeze and I have a stuffed nose.

3. I start to cough and I feel like I'm going to cough up a lung.

4. After a week, I don't feel so cruddy, and I can go out in the world.

So I'm heading towards number 4 right now.

Back when I was a kid I hated being sick yet loved it at the same time. I watched game shows like Sale of the Century  and I would play along. I would always win the grand prizes at the end; a couch, a car, and if I was doing well, 25,000 dollars, wow! Then I would catch up on the soaps and sleep. My grandfather would check in with me giving me 7-Ups. Mom would come home with paper dolls. Everything would just slow down, for a little while.

Now when I need to rest I lay in bed thinking: I have so much to do. Yes, I have no energy and when I do get up, it's to watch when Sam gets kidnapped on Different Strokes on YouTube and wonder why they replaced Dixie Carter with Mary Ann Mobley. However, the sky is falling! Lehman Brothers is closing! Or, as Bob Calhoun said, a Halloween Superstore is going to open up in their old building! I need to be writing. I need to be like Meg Cabot and Nora Roberts, who write what, six novels a year? I need to do this. I need to pay off my student loans and credit cards. I need a movie deal. If I get a movie deal, then I can buy a house, mortgage free.

I need to do something about this election besides write satires of Sarah Palin. I need to say that John McCain, would you have referred to Al Gore, John Kerry, or Hillary Clinton as "that one?" That one. I've been that one many times in my life. That one who can't write neat, that one who can't do math. That one who didn't finish college. That one who hey, hasn't gotten married yet, and no babies? Sheesh, Jennifer, what's the matter with you?

Yup, I'm reading too much in McCain's remark. I'm a recovering English major. I'm allowed.

Yet, when I sleep, Ida B. sleeps with me. My facebook wall has people rooting for me, saying hey, we're all in this leaky boat together. My dad invites me for coffee and to help me figure out how to get out of credit card debt. It's hard out there for a cuscus, especially a sick one. Somehow, it all turns out.