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My Father is Not Kato, the sidekick to The Green Hornet

I had lunch with my dad today at Noah's Bagels in the City. I was meeting him because he decided to give me his cell phone.
Let's back up a bit here. A couple of weeks ago he had problems with his phone so he bought a cellphone at a Radio Shack near his house.This shocked me because he hates cellphones. He complains about them all the time. I had to check to see if hell froze over when he told me he bought one. It hadn't. Although the stock market did fall.

Anyway, Dad had problems with this phone from the beginning. He has poor eyesight so his neighbor Chandra had to help him with getting his number and programming stuff. But there were times the phone wouldn't come on. He charged it and charged it, and it wouldn't come on.

When Dad got his landline back, he called me and said: "Congraduations. You have a cell phone."
"Thanks," I said. "I'm surprised you didn't throw it in the ocean."
"I am too. I never want to see it again."
At Noah's, he gave me the phone. I tried to turn it on. Nothing. Not even a "Please charge" message. Confused, I looked at the info Dad had for the phone. It said the phone was sold to Bruce Lee. "Um, Dad," I said, "did you see that they don't have your name anywhere here?"
"They don't?"
"No. They have Bruce Lee's name here."
"I just thought that was the name of the guy who sold it to me."
"They say that they sold the phone to Bruce Lee. Last time I checked, you're not the martial arts star of movies in the early 70's who died under mysterious circumstances. You didn't play Kato in the 60's version of The Green Hornet."

Bruce Lee as Kato. This is not my dad!

"Bruce Lee was Kato?"
"Dad! This is weird. Let's go to the Radio Shack on Market."
We went over to the Radio Shack on Market and I found a gentleman there who looked at the phone. He tried to charge it and nothing happened. "It's dead," he said.
"Completely dead?" I asked. I also thought about adding "And utterly dead?" but decided against it.

"It's been dead for a while."

He asked for a receipt, and I showed it to him. He looked at my seventy-five year old father and figured out that hey! He's isn't Bruce Lee! Then he got us a new phone.

Dad was happy for he never has to see the phone again. I was a bit happy to get a new phone. As I went home, however, I became mad. 
That asshat clerk at the first Radio Shack knew the phone was dead. He must've. Either it was dead or dying. Why did he sell it to my father? Was it because he knew that Dad was clueless when it came to cellphones? That he couldn't see it very well?

I have no idea why. All I know is this: If you're planning on getting anything from a Radio Shack, don't go to this one:

Radioshack - San Francisco Northpoint 350 Bay St
San Francisco, CA 94133
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Good to know

Funny, the guys at the one in the Castro are usually totally helpful.

Huntington Sharp

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The guy at the Market one was very helpful...

so I have no idea why my father got a jerky guy.