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Ladies and Gentlemen, a pig with lipstick. Olivia!

My interview with Olivia went like this:
JKG: Olivia, what did you think what Senator Obama said about a pig with lipstick is still a pig?
Olivia: I don't mind. I am a pig. I'm also six.
JKG: So you weren't offended?
Olivia: Uh-uh.

JKG: What do you think of Governor Palin, Olivia?

Olivia: She's pretty. I liked it when her daughter licked her palm then patted the baby's head. I do that with my new little brother Ian.

JKG: Your role models are pretty eclectic: Martha Graham, Eleanor Roosvelt... what do you think are the big issues in this election?
Olivia: That we should all get along. We shouldn't be mean to each other. That girls know that they can do anything.

JKG: Thank you Olivia, for your time.

Olivia: You're welcome. Can we read a book?