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Holy Moly, Mother of Pearl! I WON THE GRAND PRIZE AFTER ALL!

So I'm doing my best Valley Girl here:
Like oh my God, I'm going to the St. Francis! I'm going to meet Phil Bronstein, and for sure, for sure, Terry McMillan! I love Terry McMillan! She's from Michigan like my dad, and she lives in Danville! We're neighbors!

Big congrats to Lynn Liccardo and now to Dennis Shay! If he complains about no one comes to his blog, let's hit him.

And now, I'm thanking everyone again and adding some new people.

                My parents Jean Cobb and Richard Gibbons. I've been blessed to have parents that always told me to never let anyone stand in my way in what I want.  

                 Ivory Madison, Thomas Dotson and Huntington Sharp: I am amazed by your generosity and your kindness. 

  Marc Acito, Darlene Arden, Cecilla Baaeder, Laurel Benjamin, Matthew Bilberman, Allison Black, Martin Bradley, Susan Browne, Tom Casillo, Doris Collier, Christian Crouse, Mitch Cullin, Joseph Dobrian,  Patrick Erwin, Alex Fraser, Connie May Fowler,Bob Heist,  Khan,  Alix Jernic,  Jessica Barksdale Inclan, Kirsty Kiernan,  KM, Lilly-Marie Lamar, Lynn Liccardo,  Ericka Lutz,   Jennifer Schilling, Dennis Shay, Evie Shockley, Iananthe Swensen,  Maryanne Stahl, Maria Trivisano, James Whyle, and Belle Yang; you have all encouraged me and helped me.

            The people at Soap Opera Network and Forever Young for letting me plug my blog.

            Roger at We Love Soaps and   Snark at Snark Weighs In also helped so much by giving soap fans a place to vent and look at good gossip, and they plugged my blog as well.

            Ariel Gore deserves cheesecake and champagne for her book How to be a Famous Writer Before You Die and how it got me started blogging and being a famous writer (at least on Red Room)

            The Lit Stars: Gindy, Debi,  Devon, Melissa, Noemi, Lisa, Jenny, Angela, Jeff, Caity, and Tanya, you all rule.

            My YA writing group: Kurt, Ralene, Julie, Tamara, Jay, Dawn; thank you for keeping the home fires burning.

           To the people I don't even know, but read my blog, this amazes me.

            All I can say is this: Thank you. There are some private matters going on in my family that have been very sad, and this news has come in the right time. Again, I'm near tears right now. I am so lucky that I have made new friends and as S.E. Hinton once said nothing gold can stay, well my friends new and old are pretty golden right now, so I differ with her.

            Stay gold, RedRoom.




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Congrats, Jennifer! Like, Oh. My. God!!! ;) Awesome work! And thanks for the shout out to all of us!

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Of course!

Where would I be without the lit stars? Okay, we haven't known each other long, but we're still a group!