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Confessions of a Bad NaNoWriMo novelist

Well Gentle Readers, I have a confession for you. There's a reason why I haven't written here the past couple of days. Oh, it's other things of course: I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my parents, then another dinner with my cousin, my aunt and my nephew Friday afternoon. I saw the new James Bond movie. I did laundry. I packed eight boxes of books. The big reason why I haven't written is I've seen many "I did it!" blogs for National Novel Writing Month. Which is fantastic, great, good for them. However, it makes me lead to something I'm not proud to admit.

I didn't finish.

I tried. I got 25,000 words. Yet I didn't feel the push, the pull to keep going. I couldn't figure it out. I did an outline before hand, and I liked the characters, the way it flowed.  Yet I felt-what is the word? I didn't feel connected to the writing. I felt a bit disjointed. I felt like I was cheating.

Here's the deal: I have two novels sitting in my laptop.  Another novel sitting in a drawer. Part of me was feeling: Okay, when am I going to start working on those novels again? Don't they deserve my attention as well? By working on the new book, I felt like I was going to a motel six for a nooner. I was a cheap floozy cheating on my other books.

So instead of rushing it, I stopped.

However, did I lose the challenge? Yes and no.

First off, I'm glad I got something new started. Now I didn't finish, that's true, but I know that 25,000 words, sixty-five pages, is nothing to sneeze out.

It also taught me this: It's time to go back. Go back to at least one of the novels and revise again. Have people look at it and see what works, what doesn't. Then send it to agents. Which scares the heck out of me.  But, as Katherine Hepburn told Jane Fonda, you must do what scares you. You mustn't get soggy now. If you get soggy and let life escape you, then you're missing out.

So I might not be a NaNoWriMo 2008 winner. But I'm going to try and not be soggy. And that's a challenge in itself.

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Good for you!  Those other

Good for you!  Those other three books were obviously niggling at you, and I've been around long enough to know life is better when you listen to the niggles.  If you need another set of eyeballs, just let me know.  And no, sixty-five pages are not to be sneezed at--they'll be percolating in the background while you tend to the others and be ready to blossom forth in their turn.  Susan

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thanks, Susan!

I love that image, percolating in the background.

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Very Inspiring!

You've inspired me, Jennifer.
I like what you say about not being soggy and continuing and doing the thing that scares you.
Keep up the good work!
How are your novels now? Please give them my best wishes.