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Beds, Bob, Giveaways and Spring

Spring started off with a bang: sneezing, a good-bye, and Bob Marley. All of it has given me this odd sense of hope.

The past month I’ve been sniffling and sneezing like crazy because of my allergies. My eyes are red, I’m using Kleenex like there’s no tomorrow, popping benadryls and generic allegras. It does make you want to go to a beautiful pink tree and shake your fist. “Damn your beauty!”

I’ve shared before that my bed was falling apart. Yesterday I checked on it: several springs were on the carpet. The frame was deeply bent. I knew it was time.  I’ve had this bed since I was fifteen. It’s about the same age as me, the four poster double bed that  read, wrote, and oh yeah, slept in. It had a good life. I took a deep breath. I started taking it apart, section by section. I raised the mattress and box spring and balanced it on the wall. I took the bed frame and tossed it in the trash. Under my bed were several bookmarks, Kleenex (from this past month alone) I cleaned up, then made arrangements to have someone take the bed to the dump next week.

So I know I need to get a new bed; for now I’m going to use an air mattress. Oddly enough, getting rid of my bed was freeing. Since I’ll be forty in two months, I’m trying to get ready for it. Publishing more of my writing, losing weight, now realizing the bed of my youth is broken is big for me. Any other year I would’ve probably stuck with it until all the springs were gone, but this time I thought nope, it’s time to go old pal.

My mother was a tad shocked when she came home to see my bed was missing. “I knew it took up a lot of room, but I didn’t know how much,” she said, walking around.

“Isn’t it great?” I said. “I can redo my room, make it more me.” When we moved three years ago I was in a daze; I just started working at Red Room plus it was right after Christmas, so I was in a semi coma when I told the movers where to put things. So the room never felt right to me. Now  had a chance to do it over, start from scratch.

In the meantime, we have the winners for the I Woke Up In Love This Morning giveaway contest! Winners were chosen by random. Drum roll, please...

Our winners are:
1. Michael Seidel, who told of his love of Emma Samms
2. Mary Wlkinson spoke of her crush on David Cassidy
3.Ron Lavalette mentioned his admiration of Miss Emma Peel, aka Diana Rigg.

Congratulations all! I’ll be contacting you soon about getting the ebook. Now you might be thinking “Jennifer, I want to get your books, but I don’t have a kindle/ereader. What do I do?” Well, first you cry. No, don’t cry! There’s an option where you can download it as a web page or print it out as a pdf file. So buy my books! Mama needs a new bed!

Finally I know with it being an election year and the Travyon Martin case can get people down. I know it has for me. Yet I think it’s a good healthy thing to try to stay positive. Realistic, yet positive. Lately in my head I’ve had the Bob Marley song in my head “Everything’s Going to Be All Right.” I have to tell myself repeatedly while sniffling or coughing don’t worry about a thing/cause every little thing is going to be all right. Easy to say but there are times when a person thnks “Gee Bob, maybe for you man, but not for me.”

But on Wednesday I was going to meet my dad for lunch, and he asked me to meet him at Washington Square. I sat a bench reading The Hunger Games, but a city worker warned me he was about to use his leaf blower and make noise. I thanked him (and my nose thanked him) then moved to another bench. I saw a young man’s name engraved on the wood, with his birth and death. Then it said in quotes “Don’t worry about a thing.” I couldn’t help but smile. I sent a thanks to the young man, and whoever put the plaque on the bench. I sat down and enjoyed my book, the first day of spring.