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A Salute to Josephine the Plumber!

Ah, Joe the Plumber. You got all the attention last night, pal. However, as Frank Coniff pointed out, what about Josephine the plumber?

What, Gentle Readers? You've never heard of Josephine the Plumber? Dear, dear. Let's chat about this ground breaker.

Ah, Josephine. She was a tough cookie in a man's world back in the sixties, when plumbers were a male field. But did that stop her? No sir! She went out there and was a darned good plumber, I must say!  And what helped her? Comet, that's what! Comet got those sinks so clean and sparkling! Comet helped with draining issues! Comet ruled! 

It probably wasn't easy for her back then, but she always had a smile on her face, her wrench ready, and a can of Comet in her hand. This was before women started burning their bras and the moniker Ms. wasn't even invented yet.

Played by Jane Withers, best known as the bratty child from hell in the Shirley Temple movie Bright Eyes, Withers showed Josephine as a lady who was no one's fool, did the best she could, and nothing was going to get in her way.

Senator McCain and Senator Obama, you did this country a diservice by not mentioning Josephine, a woman of substance, a lady and a scholar.

Hail, Josephine the plumber!

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Before your time...

Jennifer, your mother put you up to this, didn't she? You're too young to remember the Josephine ads.

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I remmeber them vaguely from old magazines, plus I LOVED Jane Withers when she was in Bright Eyes.

I think I saw some of her commericals back when I was a kid, along with Madge the mancurist and Rosie the waitress.

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As long as we're going there...

...let's not leave out Mrs. Olson, (Don't Mess With) Mother Nature, and Florence Henderson hawking Wesson oil.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Robert Young with Sanka, and Mr. Whipple.