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Aug.23.2011 - 7:56 am
With the ten year anniversary of 9/11 looming tall just down the road, the media is gearing up for a national grief fest of massive proportions. After nearly a decade of...
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May.04.2011 - 8:30 am
If all jobs paid $2 an hour, I’d still want to be a writer, because that’s what I do. But the simple fact is that $2-an-hour jobs are for teenagers who live at home and have their...
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Jun.02.2010 - 10:00 am
The Crannog at Loch Tay, Scotland A recent trip to Scotland, mostly for pleasure and fun, which it provided in large amounts, was also partly for research. Gotta get those write-...
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Jun.02.2010 - 9:27 am
"What the detective story is about is not murder, but the restoration of order." P.D. James said that. Her astute observation resonates through the works of two authors...
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